Chiu Ka<br>Palace


Dun Ho establishes the new brand, Chiu Ka Palace, the first Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong with the theme of wedding banquet. This special tradition, together with its fashionable and elegant images, helps to provide another good venue for the wedding instead of traditional hotel.

The Chiu Ka Palace is created with the theme of european style banquet. Therefore, one can find that the Sparkling Golden is the main colour of the shop. In order to let the customers fully enjoy the delightful atmosphere of the banquet, Palace has a spacious environment with 15,000 square feet area. Over 840 customers can be served at the same occasion.

Branches Information

  • Chiu Ka Palace

    Address:Shop 307, Choi Ming Shopping Centre, Tseung Kwan O, N.T.


    Opening Hour:07:00-23:00