Corporate Information

In 1984, the first seafood restaurant (Dun Shing Seafood Restaurant) was established in Hong Kong. With over 28 years of proven experience and efforts in the food service and catering industry, Dun Ho Group become one of the best organization in food and beverage industry of Hong Kong. Dun Ho Group currently operates 5 Chinese Restaurants and Dun Ho has built a network of 37 food stores which provide Chinese hot meals, Western hot meals and Chinese style roast meals(Siu Mei) to many of the local supermarkets.

These stores are at prime locations hence enjoy high customer flows and draw patronage of primarily affluent middle-end diners. Dun Ho adopts a successful multi-brand strategy, with 11 key brands under the Dun Ho Group. Each brand represents a unique dining style and targets a specific clientele or dining preference. As such, they can profitably co-exist in popular dining areas. Dun Ho Group’s restaurant brands are also differentiated by their cuisine and décor, including staff uniforms, and interior decoration.